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Gain clarity on your goals, values, and priorities through guided exercises and reflective practices to create a clear roadmap for your future.


Develop unwavering self-belief, assertiveness, and resilience through targeted strategies and mindset shifts to step confidently into your power.


Cultivate meaningful connections with yourself and others, fostering deeper relationships, support networks, and a sense of belonging.


What My Clients Say

"Dr. Linda's Awakening program allowed me to rediscover and realign with who I am"
Dr. Jennifer Ducksworth
"Dr. Linda helped me understand the nuances of being an inclusive leader."
Cynthia Lippert

LOOK AT YOUR Wellbeing

Awakening is a 7-module video-based course that you download and take at your own pace.

The program includes membership to a private Facebook group, invitations to join group coaching calls led by Dr. Linda, and special offers for networking and development opportunities

Examine personality traits, build self- confidence, awareness and acceptance.
Gain clarity around what you want out of life, establish goals, create an action plan.
Uncover limiting beliefs, identify patterns, build a healthier mindset.
Learning to heal the heartbreaks of the past, develop a more positive attitude and outlook.
How others perceive you, communicate with intentionality and compassion.
Work on becoming who you want to be, increase your leadership, confidence, and style.
Exploring healthy relationships, learning to share love with less drama and more joy.

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Welcome to Awakening, where transformation meets empowerment. Discover how our program can help you unlock newfound clarity, confidence, and connection for a life of purpose and fulfillment.



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The ultimate program designed to guide you through profound transformations and lasting growth.
"Dr. Linda changed my life one night as I listened to her on the radio educating the world on relationship patterns. I didn’t have a clue about what relationship patterns were at the time, but after listening to her I learned so much about myself"
Kendra C.
Atlanta, GA