Awakening is a 7-module video-based course that you download and take at your own pace.

The program includes membership to a private Facebook group, invitations to join group coaching calls led by Dr. Linda, and special offers for networking and development opportunities.

Module 1: Introducing...Me!

Examine personality traits, build self- confidence, awareness and acceptance.

Module 2: Creating a New Path

Gain clarity around what you want out of life, establish goals, create an action plan.

Module 3: Where Does It Hurt?

Uncover limiting beliefs, identify patterns, build a healthier mindset.

Module 4: Healing the Hurts

Learning to heal the heartbreaks of the past, develop a more positive attitude and outlook.

Module 5: Show Up Poised & Ready

How others perceive you, communicate with intentionality and compassion.

Module 6: Woke

Work on becoming who you want to be, increase your leadership, confidence, and style.

Exploring healthy relationships, learning to share love with less drama and more joy.

Module 7: Love Times Two

Other Programs

Based on Dr. Linda’s book with the same name, this workshop introduces 4 communication patterns, or tongues, and the characteristics of each. Two of the tongues are positive and two are not.

After taking an assessment to determine which tongue you tend to use, tips are provided to help you speak with a more caring tongue.

Why? Because when we speak we either speak life into our relationships or we speak death into them. If you and your partner need to communicate better, this workshop is for you!

Instead of finding Mr/Ms Right, do you keeping finding Mr/Ms Wrong?

This workshop will help you understand the main reasons why relationships fail. You will have an opportunity to create your own compatibility shopping list— the characteristics that you need in a mate— and leave feeing more confident that you can find the right person for a lasting, loving relationship.

Have you ever met a woman that you thought had “it”? You know, someone who draws people to her, leads effortlessly, gets results, always looks her best, and makes others feel valued? She is the kind of woman that makes you wonder, “how does she do that?!”

Every woman can develop more “it”. This webinar is for all women who lead or aspire to do so. No matter how good we are, we will encounter challenges that “it” can help us overcome.

The Blue Lotus Retreat is an invitation-only event designed for the professional woman who needs an awakening. If you are over 40 and single or single again looking to show up with more confidence, purpose, and style this retreat is the rebirth that you need. Become unstoppable!


Program Pricing

Each session except the retreat lasts for 2 hours
Individual price $197!
Groups and organizations pay only $2500 per session!


*per person



*an existing group of 50 or less

I know it sounds lofty, but trust me, you can & will create a life that matches your dreams.