Tame Your Tongue & Transform Your Relationship


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What we say affects our relationships more than any other action we take. Why? Because the tongue has the power of life and death. This book is for everyone who is in a relationship, wants to be in a relationship, or has ever been in a relationship. When you speak to your mate, do you bring life, warmth, and comfort? Or do you bring pain, negativity, and death? Your answer may indicate that you need to tame your tongue. If you do, you will transform your relationship. Inside this book is the key to:

  • Determine if you speak in a way that others would describe as controlled, conniving, careless, or caring;
  • Learn new ways to develop a more positive communication style;
  • Understand how your “tongue” impacts your relationships with others;
  • Enjoy a loving, peaceful relationship;
  • Becoming transformed!

“A transformed relationship is one in which there is tremendous support and love. If you want to experience a transformed relationship, then you must invest in taming your tongue. Your transformation depends upon conscious choices. And your conscious choices depend upon an increased awareness of yourself and your willingness to change. Take this first step. Tame your tongue and transform your relationship. You can do it!” -Les Brown, Motivational Speaker

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