Watching each of my clients evolve during our time together is what makes my work worth doing. I’m sharing their words here so that you can feel confident in choosing me to help guide you toward your own personal transformation. 

Dr. Linda offers sage advice on an age-old topic all of us face and will continue to be challenged with – how to manage our relationships effectively. She is uniquely able to blend the conversation with an academic foundation and practical application.

T. White, Stone Mountain, GA

Client Video Testimonial

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Dr. Linda's Awakening program allowed me to rediscover and realign with who I am"

Dr. Jennifer Ducksworth, Awakening Program Participant

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Dr. Linda helped me understand the nuances of being an inclusive leader

Cynthia Lippert, President, Atlanta Realtor Association

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We came together as women and share our stories.

Kendra C., Retreat Participant

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An awakening experience...

Ms. G., Retreat Participant

Dr. Linda changed my life one night as I listened to her on the radio educating the world on relationship patterns. I didn’t have a clue about what relationship patterns were at the time, but after listening to her I learned so much about myself

Kendra C., Atlanta, GA

I know it sounds lofty, but trust me, you can & will create a life that matches your dreams.